Our shop will be closed Monday, September 1st, in observance of Labor Day.

When Labor Day originated back in the 1800’s, the main purpose was to pay tribute to all the men and women whose physical and manual labor built our great country.

Today, we seem to look at this day only as the last big celebration before summer ends or just the weekend before school starts.

Let us not forget to reflect on all the men and women that are still working hard to better this country and also let’s hope and pray that many more jobs will become available or filled with hard working individuals with a unified purpose to better themselves and our nation.

Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Our shop will be closed July 4th, in observance of Independence Day.

Stay safe, as you celebrate our country’s birthday and enjoy the many freedoms guaranteed to us….

Our shop will be closed Monday, May 26th, in observance of Memorial Day.

Let us not forget all the men and women who have fought for our freedom and gave it their all for our country

Stay safe this Memorial Day Weekend….

-*’~-_–~- HAPPY NEW YEAR! -~–_-~’*- 2014

Wishing you a year of happiness, success, peace and prosperity!

 A sincere “thank you for your business” this past year and we look forward to serving you in this new year


** Please add the following when making out your 2014 New Year’s Resolution list:

#1. Automotive

I will make sure my automobile is faithfully maintained, respected and certainly not ignored when a problem presents itself… especially unusual sounds, lights or running problems…

September is back to school month….

Driving in Northern Virginia is always an experience but it is more critical when students and teachers head back to school. Everyone is trying to get used to their new schedules or routes. Make sure you are paying full attention when behind the wheel. Traffic delays test even the most patient drivers so try to give yourself extra time and try your best to remain calm!

To help out with calming your driving frustrations….mention that you read this post and we’ll give you 10% off your labor charge this month. Hurry and give us a call before this special runs out….Safe travels!